8x16 Containers Available

Containers can be delivered to your home, business or jobsite, then moved or stored. Call us and we'll take some of the stress out of moving!

So Convenient!

Why rent a truck when you can pick up the phone and order a container?

 It arrives and you load it at your leisure. It can remain on your site, be moved to your new location or be stored at our facility in our heated, secure building. 

Are you a contractor? How convenient would it be to be able to securely store your tools and materials on the job site instead of in your truck every night? Or to store your customer's belongings safely so you don't have to work around them?


Portable Storage units have many key features:

Units are sturdy.

Gasket around the door. 

Wide door opening. 

Solid steel latch and door hooks. 

Bamboo flooring. 

Tie downs at two heights and all the way around inside.

Container is 8' wide, 16' long and 7' tall.

Maximum load: 7,300 pounds.